Monday, May 7, 2012

Chile to Qualify for Rugby World Cup 2015?

History was made this past weekend in Chilean rugby as for the first time ever the Chilean Under 20 team defeated the Argentine Under 19 team (Los Pumitas) by 33-14 in La Reina on Saturday. It marked the first time in the 100 year history of Chilean rugby that a national selection had defeated an Argentine rival. Chile is in preperations for the IRB Junior World Trophy to be played in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA next month. While Argentina will participate in the IRB Junior World Championship, considered to be the first tier of global junior rugby.  Eight players from the Argentine team which Chile defeated will participate in the IRB Junior World Championship, also in June. Chile is to face Russia, Tonga and the USA in the event, three teams from Rugby World Cup 2011, suggesting that Chile could well be dark horses for for World Cup Qualification.

Chile has been a regular participant in the IRB´s age grade competitions but has been unable to follow through and qualify for a Rugby World Cup. The country, seemingly, suffers from a massive loss of players after High School. Perhaps, however, this could well change soon with the Chileans having finally defeated Argentina. It is a recipe for growth and Chile could well be a contender to qualify for Rugby World Cup 2015. The team was very surprized to have won the match, such is the remarkable accomplishment. Whilst in other great news for Chilean rugby, the senionr mens side took on the  Ontatio Blues, one of Canada´s four teams and won the match 19-17. 

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