Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2011 Junior World Championship - Matías Moroni Yellow Card

Sometimes yellow or red cards can have a massive impact on the outcome of a match. But referee´s are not supposed to take this in cosideration when analyzing the punishment for a dangerous tackle. Instead, the tackle needs to be judged only regardless of the situation of the match itself. Welsh captain Sam Warburton was famously send off for a dangerous tip tackle on France´s Vincent Clerc, a decision deemed appropriate from referee´s around the globe. In the same year an Argentine player, outside centre, Matías Moroni was yellow carded without hesitation by Scottish referee Neil Paterson who deemed the tackle on on New Zealand´s inside centre, Rhys Llewellyn to be dangerous.

The tackle took place in just the fourth minute of the first half in what was a match between the Baby Blacks  and Los Pumitas at the 2011 IRB Junior World Championship in Italy. before the yellow card the scores were 0-0 but with Moroni on the sidelines, New Zealand scored a whopping three tries to essentially make it game over at 17-0. A second Pumitas player. To Argentina´s credit no complaint was ever made despite the tackle clearly not being worthy of a yellow card at all. It was not even a penalty offense. It was simply a well executed tackle which got the better of Llewellyn. If anybody was at fault it would be the New Zealander who turned in the tackle while still being drive back. He seemed to be attempting to free his shoulders so that he would be able to set up a ruck to the advantage of his team. The Argentine commentators were beyond belief at the decision of Paterson and unlike the Warburton incident they had good reason to feel anoyed.

Moroni was joined in the centre by Javier Rojas who started for Los Pampas XV this past weekend vs the Sharks XV. 

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